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Our lash extension professional is a specialist for creating the most natural classic looking lash styles to a fuller volumized look! Perfect for those who want a low maintenance beauty regime or added definition for a eye popping result.


Classic lash style involves one individual lash extension attached to each natural individual eyelash hair. This style provides a softer and more natural look perfect for a defined but real looking result.

Hybrid lash style involves a mix of classic lash extensions with only one lash extension attached and volume lash extensions which have 3 to 5 lash extensions attached to each natural lash. This will result in a natural but defined lash style for those who want a little more volume but not a full look.

Volume lash style involves a cluster of lash extensions from 3, up to 5 lash extensions attached to each natural lash hair. This is a fuller looking style for those who want a glamour, more defined lash result.

A full client consultation is done on the day to determine the best style for your desired outcome and needs, the booked style can be altered on the day if needed. 

We recommend 2 to 3 weekly infills to maintain the desired look as natural lash hairs fall out in each lash cycle around 28 days but occur at different times. After 3 weeks a full set will be required again.

If you have previous lash extensions from another lash artist salon a removal will be required to book in with a new full set lash application appointment. 

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